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Games support the troops!

Mister Nizz

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Way to go Multiman Publishing

Courtesy of Gary Christiansen, who just mentioned it in passing to MMP and they immediately saw the wisdome of it, Multiman Publishing, publisher of ASL Starter kit and things ASL related, released this statement today:

Gary Christiansen approached MMP and asked us a simple question -- would we like to donate a few games to support our troops overseas. We have done this in the past, on a very scattered basis, but never were sure how/if these donations were distributed evenly to the guys who might actually use them. So Gary did the footwork and found that the Marine Corps Family Support Community (MCFSC) is an organization which is wrestling with the topic of distribution of donated goods. They are working with Army support groups and the USO through the Veterans of Foreign Wars to make sure entertainment donations are distributed appropriately, in a timely fashion, to the guys overseas.

With the distribution situation worked out, what could MMP do to help? We didn't want to just give over a few cases of games. We certainly didn't want to use this as a situation to unload old "slow moving" stock. We wanted the troops overseas to get fun and relatively simple games to enjoy - and if we're lucky maybe create a few new wargamers in the process! So here is the plan. We're putting up this page and "selling" ASL Starter Kit #1, A Victory Lost, and Circus Minimus at half price. MMP'll pick up the rest of the cost. Interested wargamers will not be buying these games for themselves, but rather to donate to the MCFSC. After the end of the "sale", we'll collate the orders, pack and ship them to the MCFSC. Postage will not be charged for these three items, MMP'll pick up the UPS tab to ship them. We will absolutely post how many games are shipped out. So what do you think? Interested in supporting our troops overseas? We hope you are.

Again, we will not be shipping these games to you, but rather to the MCFSC!

We intend to run this from now until Friday, March 16th. Should this program take off (it could easily happen - you guys are great when it comes to helping out!), we may have to cut it short due to game supply.

You can order games, and help support our troops, BY CLICKING THIS LINK!

What a fantastic program!!