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Signs of Spring

Mister Nizz

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And God says.. "chill out"

Obviously, life is full of stresses. This week has been particularly bad in that regard.. so I stomped out of the office, far later than I had wanted, on Friday. As I walked over to Smoking Betty I saw a giant Mourning Dove on the back of Smoking Betty (pardon the grimy truck and out of focus photo). His mate was smaller, and located about twenty feet to the left.

He hung out there, entirely blase about the encounter, until I got within three feet of my truck, then he and Mrs. Mourning Dove skittered off, chirping to themselves. I know it's a bit odd, and probably my imagination at work, but it seems like a Mourning Dove shows up right when I need it sometimes. I think this one was saying.. "chill out, Spring is coming!"

Thanks for the reminder, birdbrain! Time to fill up the birdfeeders.. (grinning)