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The Amazing Mister Fisty

Mister Nizz

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Yet Another Disturbing Child's Toy

We were all at a yard sale recently and Gar found this piece of equipment and abasolutely had to have it. For fifty cents, I wasn't arguing. On closer inspection, there was something about this "toy" that triggered my memory. Then I remembered a certain critical bit of dialogue between Val Kilmer and Billy J. Mitchell, playing "Nick River's agent" in the movie TOP SECRET. You know the one. I do TRY to be a family friendly blog, don't ask for clarification!

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Amazing Mister Fisty

The gun is basically a giant fist that extends in and out on the end of a gun barrel.
Draw your own conclusions. It does make the standard electronic beeping and zapping noises when turned on. That's NOT double entendre you perv!

I can't find any reference to it online, and the fact that we found a functioning copy for two bits either indicates that this is a very old toy or some parent somewhere was more than happy to be rid of it. We dubbed it the Amazing Mister Fisty gun. There are references to Power Rangers on the toy itself, which would argue that it is probably pretty old. A google and wiki search turned up no references.

Here we see a close up on the fist attachment.

Fist Closeup

Here my intrepid volunteer shows you how the fist retracts to "firing mode".

Prepare to fire.. Mister Fisty!

What we have HERE, is a FAILURE, to COMMUN-I-CATE... Little G. Deploys Mister Fisty...

Comin' AT ya!

As in the case of the OOZINATOR, I am certain there's no double entendre going on here, just a massive failure to realize the potential for really, really tasteless jokes this toy represents.

Me next, Mister Fisty!

MISTER FISTY UPDATE: I didn't know what this thing was called. One of the interpid researchers on TMP has revealed that it is called a Battlized Arm Extender. It can be viewed in context, HERE.