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Pulp Captions Round 17 Results

Mister Nizz

Low Turnout

Due to me posting one of those insipid webquizzes back to back with this picture from Detectives:

Charles Vasey - "(mister nizz) was horrified to find KW had tunnelled into the bedroom" *** FIRST PLACE ***

David Fox - "Dang, this JR Tracy guy either needs to live in a less-haunted house or put in smaller orders to Amazon, cuz this route is killing me." *** THIRD PLACE ***

Bill Ramsay - "All Lou had to do was get the trunk full of porridge on top of the trap door, and he'd finally be safe from the Kosovans."

Mike Reed - "No matter how hard the Sysop tried to suppress it, that 'GMT thing' just kept digging its way out..."

Peter Card - "Seth wondered if Wakawakka Indiana was ready for the capsule hotel concept.." *** SECOND PLACE ***

Next Week:

I'll make up for that lackluster result with a humbdinger of a pulp cover from Adventure, published in 1961: