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Gettysburg 88: help out Dario

Mister Nizz

I get emails like this all the time because I made a lot of gameboxes for Cyberboard back in the day. Usually I give them the big brush off because I don't wish to be a source for someone else ripping off copyrights. However, I MIGHT have halped the guy if I had not also sufffered the loss of the rule book marcello describes (it wasn't made particularly well). Can anyone help him out?

I'm a italian 45-year old American Civil War buff (really, i'm...) with a terrible english, so I'll excuse me in advance for it!

Well, while trying to involve in the same passion my youngest son Marcello, I lost my manual of AH Gettysburg 1988 (but rule's sheet is safe!).

Please, can You send me -even in jpeg file o rso - the INITIAL disposition/setup of units markers for Day 2 and Day 3 (Pickett's Charge) scenarios?

While waiting for the courtesy of an answer, I thanks you in advance!

Dario Gallo - Palermo (Sicily)