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Pulp Captions Round 6 Results

Mister Nizz

Pulp Captions, Round 6 Results

This contest's cover is brought to you from ROMANCE Magazine, November 1928!

The Entries

David Fox - "Stand back, young and comely barefoot maiden, whilst I defend thee from Mazo de la Roche and the evil Right Margin with my incredibly long yet supple rapier !"

Dave Townsend - "Oh, sure, Dejah Thoris gets that hunky John Carter. Who shows up to rescue me? Don Quixote!"

Matt Foster - "You are fascinated, senorita, yes? By the slow, rhythmic movements of my long, pointy sword, yes? You suspect some form of psychological compensation for my sexual inadequacies, yes? Yesssss? Yes! We are Spaniards and we massacre your people because our weenies are too small!" ** SECOND PLACE **

John Slotwinski - "¿Es eso una espada o es usted solamente feliz verme?"

Charles Vasey - "The Eurythmics Spanish Tour was not going quite as planned"

Gary Christiansen - "You are aware of course the size of the manhood equates to the length of his sword?"

"What do you mean human sacrifice?"

"Just like a guy, too armored up to move when I'm in the mood."

"Alberto not only wasn't very good at telling the maidens from the warriors, but his aim with the toad sticker wasn't too good either."

Paul Wegner - "I might be the Sun Virgin but even I know when a man is compensating for something with a long sword".

John Vasilakos - Woman: "Honey, does this skirt make me look fat?

Man: ".Sorry...what did you say dear?...I was trying out my new sword" ** FIRST PLACE **

T. Johnston - Running Deer sadly thought: I guess they are sissy Spaniards. ** THIRD PLACE **
Peter Stein - Deanna tried everything to get Rob to pay more attention to her and stop playing that stupid Cortes game every night.

Jason Schmidt - "Even after Richard and Schatzi dressed up in exotic costumes and initiated dominance roleplaying there was no saving the Berg marriage."

"Rudy Canoza is the King of Latin Lingerie! Canoza's Lingerie on Melrose and Pico, open 7 days a week!"

Ian Wedge - The cultural exchange mission was going so well, Pablo decided to wow them with his rendition of the "Hokey Cokey".

Karen Spurny - "I wonder if those puffy pants would make my butt look big."

Peter Card - "Get lost Juan, I'm working here, and and this is ~my~ deer-trail corner"

Congratulations to the Big Big Weiners!