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Legos and Fesitvals

Mister Nizz

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Map of the United States in Lego on the Mall

On Sunday, Gar and I took in the giant MAP OF THE UNITED STATES project being built on the mall in front of the capital building, as part of the ongoing Children's Festival and Annual Folk Life Festival. We didn't know until we arrived, but it was more than an observation event. the Lego folks were actively encouraging builders of all types to kick in a few tiles for the ongoing map. Legos are just nuts to Gar and I so we commneced to building.

I managed (barely) to get out a "Mount Vernon" while Gar built an Aztec/Mayan Pyramid, an American flag, and various other tidbits rapidly. Perhaps the engineering talent skipped a generation!

Cool Slideshows!

We had a lovely time and think this was a fantastic event. Afterward we goofed about in the National Gallery Fountain and Sculpture Garden. A pleasant day!