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Pulp Captions Round 4 Results

Mister Nizz

Pulp Captions 4: City of Glass

Matt Foster: Glass, Harold. GLASS. Get it? But nooooooo, you had to be the smartass with a BB-gun. *** HM ***

"If I told you once, I've told you a thousand times: People who live in glass cities shouldn't sh*t bricks!"

Gary Christiansen:
"Karen, James and Walt simply could not escape the Forum of Glass."

"Like most citizens of CSW, no one noticed outside the city there was nothing but ugly pastel yellow desert."

"Why did you say we had to go so far out of town to have this threesome?"

"So tell me again, why did you take the curtains?" *** HM ***

David Fox: George, while running in third place, would have better appreciated his ability to look up Diana's miniskirt had Fred not taken the lead in his ghastly clingy lavender shorts. *** SECOND PLACE ***

Bill Ramsay: "Hey, if we live in a glass city, what are we breathing out here?" *** FIRST PLACE ***

Morris Hadley: "Forced perspective, figures in action, hands exposed and gripping objects, this cover would demand all of Noel's artistic talent and then some."

Klaus Knechtskern: "You are perfectly sure there are no rocket worms out here?"

Jonathan Gingerich: "I told you not to throw stones!"

Peter Stein: "Now look where the Glass City is! Will you stop and ask somebody for directions?"

Jason Schmidt: "After twelve years on the run, pursued through six systems and across half-again as many planets, the Replicants finally found themselves at the mercy of the dreaded Imperial Fashion Police."

"The future of the Crystal City at stake, three intrepid explorers set out across a hostile and merciless desert in search of a Squeegee." *** THIRD PLACE ***

Charles Vasey: "Are you sure it's in this direction?"

Ian Wedge: Despite being given the starting gun, Hank could never resist joining the race.

Grant Whitley: "New South Beach proved to be even more sinister than Bartertown. The three wanderers grabbed a bag each of hotpants and ruffled pastel shirts and made their escape into the nuclear desert".

Karen Spurny: "You just had to tell them we don't do windows, didn't you, Margaret?"

Peter Card: The gallant trio's hopes for a clean get-away were dashed when they found that an overnight mustardstorm had deposited a inch of pungent condiment on the Painted Wastes of Karmakarmakamalian. *** HM ***