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Pulp Captions Round 3 Results!

Mister Nizz



Today's Illustration: Fast Action Detective, 1957


Bill Ramsay - "I'm telling you, this is the best way for you to get back to Norway" **THIRD**

Ian Wedge - "The so called mystery of the red-headed slaymate turned out to be an open and shut case."

Matt Foster - "For a leggy, well-built broad you must weigh a TON!"

"Bob never imagined his snarky comment about Helen's troublesome static cling would give rise to the Legend of the Gimp." **SECOND**

David Fox - "Waaait a minute, if you're not the Red-Headed Slaymate or Homicide's Heiress, that must make me... the Amorous Corpse ??! Nooooooooooooooooooo"

Charles Vasey - "Bergey's plan of a designer in every box of "Storm of Stuff" was not proving popular with Avalanche Liz". **FIRST**

Pat Osika - "Game night takes on a whole new meaning at the Spurny household..."

Paul Wegner - "Hey! When you said you wanted to show me your box, this isn't what I expected."

Karen Spurny - "Honey, when I said, 'You have nice junk in the trunk,' it was a compliment. Really!"

James Spurny - "These Eurogame boxes are so hard to close."

"So that's where box farts come from."

Gary Christiansen - "When Harry Met Sally goes terribly wrong."

Peter Stein - The guys might laugh at me if they ever see this picture. But if I get some, I'll have the last laugh!"

Jonathan Gingerich - "There were a few issues to work out with the new $150 flat rate Priority Boxes..."

Peter Card - How big will my bum look after I lock the lid and throw away the key you sonnavabitch?

Mike Reed - "Stephanie from Lazytown grows up...and takes revenge..."

Jason Schmidt - "Al Gore's wife shows him what 'Lockbox' really means."

"Kate found her Inflatable Love Stud a bit too real."

"Oh, so that's how you get 900 people on the Airbus A-380!"