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Counting to ONE MILLION

Mister Nizz


One MILLLION Dollars...

-- Doctor Evil, "Austin Powers: Man of Mystery"

Just for your visual reference, the above boodle is ONE MILLION of something. In this case, dollars. A million is a hard number for us to grasp, so this graphic might help. Even so, it's a bit of a cheat, looking at one million dollars, as these are bundles of 100 dollar bills. A more accurate graphic would be a pile of one million single dollar bills. I suspect it would be quite the graphic, but I've yet to find one.

Speaking of a million, there is a gentleman named "Harper" that has taken time off to explore the concept of 1,000,000 rather intimately. He is counting to one million, LIVE, on streaming video,
at this website. Alas, it does not allow linking, so the stack of Benjamins above will have to do for my representational proxy. In any event, it's worth a look. For some reason, I'm finding it highly addictive to watch him mumbling out the count.