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Sci-Fi Channel has an interest in COLD WARS!

Who would have seen this coming?

In the email yesterday:

Dear Cold Wars Director,

We've noticed that Cold Wars 2007 is coming up this March.

We were wondering if you would be interested in receiving materials
from the SciFi channel promoting the national auditions for the upcoming
season of Stan Lee's Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Among the items are
postcards and posters publicizing the auditions and promoting the

If you are interested, please reply with the name, address and phone
number of where these should be sent (no PO Boxes please), along with the
number of attendees you're expecting.

In order to ensure that you get the materials you want, please respond
as soon as possible so we can order the correct amount. Hope to hear
from you soon!

Jennifer Johnson, NBC Television

How the staff of a reality TV show discovered HMGS East conventions, I'll never know. But any publicity is good publicity, and I responded:


Not only yeah, but heck yeah. What a pity you couldn't film this-- I think I can virtually guarantee outtakes that would be nothing less than comedy gold. :-D

COLD WARS is a miniatures gaming convention. That means we reenact historical battles with little metal soldiers. We get between 1800 and 2000 attendees give or take a few. The typical Cold Wars attendee is very educated, probably ex-military, working in a technical or government field, male, between 20 and 50. He probably is in the demographic you are aiming at with your show.

Is there a little chatch or something you could put in our little goodie bag we're putting together? Wouldn't have to be anything special..

I'll store the stuff--
(contact info)

It could be a big steaming pile of crap, or it could be a missed opportunity. I'm taking no chances. Based on my own experience with the television industry, about 90% of what gets promises gets ignored or forgotten, but you never know. It would be cake, primo, WONDERFUL if we could get a camera crew at Cold Wars (what a promotional coup that would be!) but I'll not be holding my breath in anticipation.