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Fun with Site Traffic Reports..

Mister Nizz

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Is there a By Popular Demand Fan out there?

I noticed this search in my user REFERRAL stats (e.g., what they clicked on to make them come here) last night:

The exact duplication of the phrase "antagonist in ANY Oprah Book Club NOVEL" including the odd capitalization, makes me think that the person making that search copied it directly from the infamous ROUND FIVE (the Oprah Round) of our last game of By Popular Demand, "Wuerthy". The inference I make is that the person might be playing along and trying to score the game themselves, or doing some research, or maybe they are just dying to know more about antagonists in Oprah Book Club novels, and it's all a cosmic coincidence... wait.. naaaaah. In any event, stranger, I hope we can get you interested in the next round, which will have a HISTORY THEME.