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Gaming Camp 2007

Mister Nizz

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Suggestions solicited and considered...

I'm running a gaming camp for kids this summer in August. These things are pretty big deals and I love working on them. I was just asked what my "syllabus" for the camp was (like last year) as the director of the camp is putting together promotional material in advance. Here's what I sent him:


Fantasy gaming camp will be an all day affair from (was it 8?) to (3?). Each day will naturally break up into a morning and afternoon session broken up by lunch.

The morning session will feature:

Priming and Figure Preparation
Basic Figure Painting Class: Primary colors, stains, highlights, shading and sealing. Students will be given their own small army to paint up in a color scheme and fantasy theme of their choice. PRIZES will be awarded for best effort, best improvement and ironman painter. Students will be able to take their armies home at the end of the week, naturally.
Terrain Building: Hot Foam Cutting, Flocking and the use of "found objects" as well as paper models for terrain pieces. "It doesn't have to cost a million bucks to look like a million bucks!"

The morning session is very free form and individual students may wish to concentrate on those elements that suit their own needs or desires. For students who "came to play, not to paint", we will ALWAYS have a morning game session ready for guys who just want to move figures and roll dice.

Afternoon Sessions

After lunch, we are devoted totally to the playing of games. One of the observations I made about last year was that some children didn't wish to play games, but wanted to sit and paint. That's not a problem, but to foster a wider participation for everyone, I will be running THE GRAND CAMPAIGN! a small tournament between all the class participants, during the course of the the week. Figures will be 15mm (I have plenty of these), the rules simplified Hordes of the Things (tm) by WRG or possibly Fantasy Rules! (tm) by Chipco. Terrain will be 8 individual 3 foot by 3 foot simple battle setups. Players will be participating ina simple ladder tournament where the winners play each other the next day. Those that are eliminated will be able to run Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, my own Victorian Science Fiction ruleset (Le Grand Cirque), Gladiator fights, Fast action combat chariots, Return to Lilliput, or The Tibetan Corpse Racing Olympiad-- whatever they like that I can supply.

The emphasis is on friendly and gentlemanly competition, not on conflict.

Well, that's the core of it. What do you think?

I will need to buy about three boxes of Warhammer PLASTIC (ahem, not metal!) figures to paint, plus some terrain pieces for the HOTT tournament, and maybe 1-2 more 15mm figure sets for variety. I don't anticipate a huge cash outlay in expense.

Hey out there in blogland, what do you think? What should I add to this? Keep in mind that the average customer is a very bright 12 to 13 year old, that might get easily distracted. Is it too complicated? Just right?