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Burke Centre VRE Garage update page

Mister Nizz


Keep up the great work, Kimberly!


One of the things I'll miss in this new job I'm going to is seeing the new VRE garage going up. Considering how much time, money and effort it has taken us to get here, it's ironic that I'll never use the thing. Who knows? Never say never.

In any event, on those days that I catch the late train, I've noticed a rather pleasant lady quietly photographing construction progress. Seems like she's doing it every day I bump into her. So one day I made a "Dear Blog..." joke with her, to find out that yes indeed, she IS blogging construction progress right HERE. Good on ya, Kimberly, and keep up the great work. I'll enjoy viewing the garage go up by proxy during the upcoming year, and I'm adding your page to my Blogroll.

NOTE: the URL has changed. See this post.