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By Popular Demand Game 2 "Wuerthy" Round 9 Results delayed, Round 10 (final) Categories Announced

Mister Nizz

While waiting for Wayne and Audrey to acknowledge Round 9, we might as well start the more prompt people on Round 10.

BPD 2, the Final Chapter

Celebrating that quintessential man of letters, MARK TWAIN aka Samuel Clemens.

The secret letter is H


1. A place where Twain resided

2. A literary influence for Twain

3. A Male Character with a name other than "Huckelberry"

4. A Female Character

5. A Love Interest (and there are a few)

6. A Real Life person who had an impact on Twain's Life, not mentioned already in your choices

Have fun! Standard disclaimers about first and last letters apply.