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Whaddya Know, it's BPD2 Round 9 Results

Mister Nizz

Here we are:

I didn't count the poetry category against anyone, but J.R. actually went to great lengths to answer with a bona fide response, so I rule he gets five points bonus for the effort.

I have to apologize for that category. For some reason, I recalled reading a book of literary criticism on Faulkner years back, and it cited his early work in poetry and gave examples. I didn't research it online very much, thinking the book was sufficient bona fides.

Fortunately I DID know about the "Faulkner on the Web" website out there that pretty much gave a breakdown of every citizen of Yokopatawah Country, and much of the rest of the round was based upon the index of characters I found there (except for the screenplay, which turned out to be a convenient "gimme" for almost all of you).

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