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Nanofic Turn 1 Card Phase 3 complete. Results

Mister Nizz


Here's what was seen:

Otto plays: CHARACTER: The Superhero with Unhelpful Powers

J.R. Discards three and gets three

Allan: plays a CHARACTER: The Pizza Delivery Guy

Jason: plays a CHARACTER: The Time Traveling visitor from 1888

The Discard Pile now holds:


Underground Secret Hideout

Polynesian Tiki Lounge

Dangerous Objects Factory


Bungled Robbery Attempt

Terrible Storm

Who Ate My Brownies?


Household of Three

Alien Disguised as a Human

The Millionaire

The Dude who always says "Dude"

Mischevious Children


They were given a handsome Reward..

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Please start Card Phase 4; I have already heard from Jason.