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AT&T Labs Text-to-Voice

Mister Nizz

Fun with Audio

It's been a while since I checked with AT&T lab's text-to-voice projec called NATURAL VOICES, and I can see they have made progress. The results are far less robotic sounding-- I look forward to the day when this engine can be used as a plugin for typed speech as a blogging tool-- sort of a "click here to listen to this post" kind of thing.

In the meantime, here's the LAST post about lunch in a converted bar from my youth, converted to audio. Since the tool only converts 500 characters at a time, it's broken up into different audio bits with different voices.

Part 1: The "Crystal" voice
Part 2: The "Mike" voice
Part 3: The "Rich" voice
Part 4: The "Lauren" voice
Part 5: back to "Mike"