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Lunch at the new job..

Mister Nizz

The More Things Change, er.... The More Things Change

I ate lunch at the only place I could find handy today, on my first day of work at the new job site-- McDonalds. Not my first choice, but there's no diner handy. Anyhow, as I was rapidly consuming my rather bland lunch faire... it occurred to me, I had been in this spot before.

This was the spot where SKYLINERS, a grubby pool hall/bar combination, used to be. I had no idea when this conversion took place, but the room's layout was essentially the same from days gone by. The picture above was where the bar was located...

Mind you, none of the pastels and nauseatingly bright tile was in evidence back in the day. This was where a row of rather dingy booths were.. we used to repair here after movie shoots, I remember it well.

I mentally cringed at the lame attempt at faux art deco fifties crap...

And here were the pool tables. Back in 86 I was struck across the back of the head and shoulders by a pool cue in a regretable incident. Today's it's the kid's play area. Funny, huh?

McDs 1

Don't get me wrong, I'm not waxing nostalgic here. It was just a bar, and bars come and go. I've been in better establishments. I am merely musing on the how I recognized where I was by the pattern of the surroundings, it was almost eerie.