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Another Sad Farewell

Mister Nizz

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Tragedy Continues

I just heard from Brian Armstrong that Jim Bischoff passed away of a heart attack. I wasn't great friends with Jim like Brian and Rose were, but I remember him being a consumate gentleman, and a warm and caring person. Jim always had a laugh or a smile for everyone, and his career in the hospitality field probably found him more than he found it. His sudden passing (at an absurdly young age) has made the world a duller place.

I could tell a lot of stories (especially about a certain post-reception party at the hotel after Brian and Rose's wedding) but that would just seem impious. Jim was a good man and a great friend to those who knew him.

It's been a bad month for tragedy lately, even more disconcerting as many of the folks that have passed on were only a few years away from me in age, either way. I'm feeling my mortality these days.