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Nod to Rennaissance Ink

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Flocking Gels work!

I ordered two jars of FLOCKING GEL from Renaissance Ink recently, and they showed up yesterday.

Dave Markley, my partner in crime on many a game, recommended them.

flocking gel on a base and painted

R.I.'s product description:

Flocking Gels (TM) have never before been offered to the game hobby industry. They are totally new & totally cool! Being acrylic they are non-toxic and clean up with water. They may be painted once dry or mixed with Renaissance Ink paints for custom pre-colored terrain. This is a new product with heaps of possibilities, so use you imagination. Experimentation is recommended!

Gels come in four grades-- fine, extra fine, medium and coarse. I ordered coarse and medium for my current Russo-Polish War project. When I opened up the jars, I confess to being a bit dubious. You get kind of a sandy grit floating in a clear acrylic base, which seems like it wouldn't be very effective.

In any case, I spread equal amounts on one of my remaining Litko Aero bases and let it dry overnight. The next day, the base and the rough gel had dried to a glossy finish with the grainy sandy/rocky stuff sticking up above it.

In a phrase, HOT DIGGITY! This stuff is great. It has to be spread pretty flat so I would suggest a putty knife of very small spatula or sculpting knife to get it where it needs to be on the base. It's a little loose and grainy when it's still wet. Make sure you shut the lids tight after use.

a jar of flocking gel

When it dries, it dries clear, so that makes your base look like a base with rocks amd sand stuck on it. You will need to paint the stuff to make it look like mud or grass. You can mix paint in, but I think that wastes the flexibility of the stuff, myself.

And always remember, a very little bit goes a LONG way.