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That's the way the Waltie crumbles

Mister Nizz

Circvs Maximvs

It's all over for me in the latest e-boardgames game, CircusMaximus1.

"Walt had a speed of 15 +4 VS, as a result he had to check for flip immediately. With a roll of 7, and 8 damage his right wheel flies off and the chariot flips. The chariot ends up in III/26 (8). Walt attempts to cut himself free, but with a modified roll of 6, he fails. The team continues forward 19 to end in IV/k, dragging poor Walt along. He suffers 2 damage (4)."

I was the green chariot. Imagine a long, meaty red streak right behind that team of green horses, and you can picture my current predicament. Oh well, maybe next time. Dang, that scythed chariot SUCKED!