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Uh, what are we hiding behind?

Mister Nizz

We look macho now!

The U.S. Navy has joined the macho "digital camoflauge club" being adopted by the other services, most notably the Army. The Navy recently announced the creation of a camoflauge working BDU uniform that looks SORT OF like this:

(only in the new digital pattern)

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Camoflauge? On a ship? Why?

Well, for practical reasons, says the Navy:

The Navy Working Uniform is being designed to take the place of utilities, wash khaki, coveralls, woodland green, aviation green, winter working blue and tropical working uniforms. The normal wear life is designed to last up to 18 months, compared to the current wear life of six months for the working uniform.

The working uniform design is not intended to camouflage Sailors against the background of a ship. Instead, the multiple colors on the uniform - navy blue, deck gray, haze gray and black - are common in the maritime working environment, making them a more practical choice.

Well, okay, but why not just make black or grey coveralls? That would seem like the abvious choice, not some macho camo rig. But hey, that's me. I'm a traditionalist. Dungerees and a denim ship were okay in my dad's day, and they're okay with me.

Nightmare images ensue: