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BSG: Better and Better

Mister Nizz

Wow! Battlestar Galactica continues to improve.

I thought the writing was less then stellar the first couple of episodes (and actively disliked BLACK MARKET), as described in previous posts here. The last couple of shows, however, have really been a major comeback starting with the drunken Starbuck episode ("SCAR").

Last Friday's show was on what society is like from a Cylon's point of view. The writers aptly demonstrated why they are earning all the praise that gets heaped upon them.


The Sharon model that was shot by Callie (the deckhand who seems to have vanished this season) is reincarnated (how?) on Caprica. She is haunted by her past experiences-- shooting Adama, screwing over Chief Tyrell, etc. She demonstrates a potential for humanity that is (in this viewer's eye) genuine, because she is within Cylon society now and has no reason to hide her motives from humans. She is (we learn) "Number 8" in the series of 12 Cylons. I now call that particular model and personality "Sharon 8" (and I guess the one on Galactica is "Sharon 8 prime"?)

Meanwhile, Number 6 - the one that seduced Baltar to betray humanity on Caprica. is reborn (they say) somewhat earlier, having presumably perished in the destruction of Caprica back in season one. We learn, to our surprise, that SHE also has genuine feelings for (from her perspective) the now dead Baltar. She's something of a hero for the rest of the Cylons, as she had single handedly engineered the Cylon victory. She is now known as "Caprica 6" (courtesy of the show writers). Interestingly, she is haunted by the spectre of Baltar (in a cute reversal of her role as Baltar's psychological gadfly on the Galactica). The Baltar-as-her-conscious thing is truly fantastic writing.

Needless to say, the two cylons meet after resurrection and share information, and the story really develops from there-- to reveal more ventures into the category of MAJOR spoilers. It was unique in that we actually get to see Cylons speaking without guile; or at least without guile directed towards humanity. No further comment. I thought it was one of the better episodes.* Apparently TV GUIDE thinks so, too.

My one criticism: we're on a planet of Cylon "skin jobs". Why do we ONLY see the ones we've already seen, out of the 12 possible models available?

... and I'm not even touching the issue of the hybrid baby. Is that an accident waiting to happen, or what?

* By the way, I also thought LAST week's episode ("the Captain's Hand") was very strong, just not in the same league as this one. Apparently the fleet isn't so far away from those Cylons as they thought they were! Three base stars loitering around in space.. that could ruin your whole day.