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Battlestar Galactica so far

Mister Nizz

Thus Far...

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a drooling fanboy of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, on the Sci-Fi TV network on extended cable. The show is gritty, intense, uncompromising and very well written. Season 2 took a short hiatus back with episode 210 (Pegasus, brilliant stuff) and resumed episodes in January.

So far, I've had mixed reactions ranging from over-the-top enthusiasm to disappointment to plain old confusion.

Resurrection Ship 1 & 2 (211,212): A fantastic two part episode, wonderfully written, with tense plot development and a beautiful sequence at the end of the second part featuring dozens of nude Cylon bodies tumbling out into the vaccumn.

Epiphanies (213): A good, not great, show, featuring almost entirely a Laura Rosslyn POV plot. This show had a very downbeat ending that frankly I found puzzling in the extreme. Baltar's unexplained treacherous action at the very end will have bitter consequences and how will he benefit?

Black Market (214): The worst episode of BG I've seen yet. Just another low rent action film in SF trappings (which spoils the fact that it focuses on the character of Lee Adama somewhat). Redeemed somewhat by the guest star, the black mercenary dude from Predator. Note Bene, in Ron Moore's podcast on this episode, he admits this is the episode he likes the least as well.

Scar (215): What a comeback! One of the greats. Delves deeply into the idea of how Cylon raider ships are constructed, and the idea that some of them might have identities. Shows Starbuck at her worst, which is, I think, refreshing. Very much a show about the PILOT's point of view. Video HERE

Sacrifice (216): Not great. Only ho-hum. Plot is pretty good, but it could have taken place anywhere; imagine this taking place in a bank or something. They should have made us more sympathetic to the Dana Delaney character-- she's largely wasted (literally and figuratively) in this one. Video HERE

Good news: they signed Lucy Lawless, who played the Journalist-cover cyclon in Final Cut ep. 208) back for several episodes. I liked her part and I like where they are going with this. Show us some more cylon infiltrator agents!