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Gather Round, Me Buckos...

Mister Nizz

28mm getting too costly?

28mm is one of those established "heroic" "mutant 25mm" scales that people like to game in these days, especially in small density games that don't require a lot of soldiers. 28mm can really show off detail from the painter's brush. The downside is that they are getting so frapping expensive. To put a massed army on tabletop these days is a pretty serious investment, even with cheap "unit builders" and lots of units with very few poses in them.

Old Glory Corporation makes some of the finest bagged armies I know of, and they are still what I would consider a stalwart source of 28mm bagged army units at a reasonable price. As long as they don't go through the roof, I'll always be a customer. Their prices are not immune to economic pressure, alas, and I find myself thinking twice about paying thirty some odd bucks after taxes where I used to pay 22. And that's the affordable option. Consider the prices of unit sized elements from an overseas producer, like the Foundry (not picking on them, btw, the cost of shipping is what it is..).

The recent announcement of 25mm scaled junks and sampans from THE ARMCHAIR GENERAL had me drooling... until I got a look at what he was charging.

Pretty, huh? This 28mm scale junk costs five hundred simoleons...

So lately I have to say that 20mm on down is looking better and better. I chose 20mm for my Russo-Polish War project, and have painted up a lot of 15mm fantasy stuff for HOTT. I'm not enthusiastic about starting 28mm "army projects" as opposed to little skirmish games, from here on out.