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DIPLOMACY: Singularity One, Ground Rules

Mister Nizz


Email: Please send the GM (me, Mrnizz) a copy of all emails. For the time being, let's use hotspurmeister@gmail.NOSPAM.com as my email of record for this game. For utility and the sake of filtering, start each and every email subject line with the phrase "DIPLO:" It will really help keep things clear.

I've posted a list of everyone's email in the COMMENTS field to the previous post about DIPLOMACY (choosing sides). I included a NOSPAM block in most of them, which, obviously, you need to remove. I won't repeat it here, as spamwebcrawlers are everywhere.

Schedule: There will be a deadline set by mutually agreed consent, usually once a week for starters but if we feel that it is moving too slowly we will increase the tempo.

If you do not make the deadline, a NMR will be recorded. Three NMRs in a row, and we're looking for a replacement player for you.

Conducting Diplomacy: I will give players a couple (maybe three) days to conduct diplomacy among themselves, via email ONLY. No phone calls, no letters.

The game will be adjudicated via a third party software (TBD, I have two candidates that I have previously mentioned).

Results: As turns get submitted, they will be entered into the Adjudicator program, which will generate a report on results (posted here) and the map graphic.

News: There will also be some NEWS every turn, summarizing the turn in the appropriately yellow journalism tone. FEEL FREE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS with diplomatic trash talk, comments, pithy asides, and assorted aery perciflage. Just add a line after the orders with "NEWS" at the beginning.

Variants: That's easy. We're just doing the basic European "starts in 1901" game.

Test Email (from Ron Wuerth):

The other thing I'd suggest, haven't read all the ground rules you might
have mentioned it, is that everyone group email all other players plus you
before noon on Friday. Make the subject "DIPLO: TEST " Where
is the country you are playing.

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