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SINGULARITY ONE: Diplomacy, Blog Style

Mister Nizz


I haven't played DIPLOMACY in a dog's age. I used to play this game to death in college, back when I had no life and lots of spare time. I also played it at conventions back in the 80s but discovered that because it took so long to play I was missing out on a lot of other stuff, so got out of the habit. I played some via email in the 90s when I was working at Booz, Allen, and that was a blast. For some reason (maybe it was a recent post on Steadman's blog) I'm interested in running another game of Diplomacy on this blog. Nothing too strenuous, we'll work up to a regular pace.

I will be using the REALPOLITIK adjudicator (Windows) as a turn adjudicator and map generator and the PalmPolitik map viewer (Palm OS) to keep up with the game offline.

Game News will be posted on Another Point of Singularity, in my own inimitable style. PUBLIC announcements for all the rest of the players to read will be posted in the news.

Interplayer Diplomacy will be conducted offline, via email, and the GM must be CC'd on all communications.

If you are interested in playing a nice easygoing game of Diplomacy, leave a way to contact you here (in the comments), or get in touch with me on CONSIMWORLD.

Diplomacy is a trademark of the Avalon Hill/Hasbro Gaming company.