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New Big Saloon at a great Price from Arnica Montana

Mister Nizz


Hey, remember those ARNICA, MONTANA, buildings I ordered a big ol' buttload of a while back? Well, they haven't showed up yet, but I am assured that they are on their way shortly. The key feature to these buildings is a very, very affordable price, and, apparently durability (they are resin cast).

In any event, the 'one man band' operation in charge of ARNICA has gone and done it, he released a two story saloon that wraps around a corner! Sumbitch, this is amazing! And only forty simoleons!!!!

That is an amazing price. Guess who's ordering one of these? I won't order it until I get my other order first, but I have this puppy in my sights.

Here are the specs (attribution: from the Arnica Site. Pictures posted to TMP)

Scaled to 28mm. Features include: Cast-open doorways (3 in the front and 2 'round back) and windows with loose doors to affix as you please, and a balcony that stretches around the full front of the building for your rifle-armed enforcers.

Order it now in kit form for $40.00 USD. If you don't mind waiting a bit, you can get it fully constructed for $75.00 USD.

This is a great deal if you are a dab hand with epoxy cement.