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Great news from Matrix Games

Mister Nizz

Attribution: This was posted to the Matrix Games Website who holds copyright thereto:

Agreement with Talonsoft On Award-Winning Wargames

Matrix Games is proud to announce that it has acquired the rights to publish the former award winning Talonsoft line of wargames. The agreement includes the rights to publish, update and modify some of the most well-respected wargames of all time. Included in this agreement is the full Battleground series of games, the Campaign series, the Operational Art of War series, the Battle of Britain and Bombing the Reich games as well as the Age of Sail.

From East Front to A Century of Warfare, many of these titles are best-sellers and award-winners and still represent the state of the art on the battles or topics that they cover. The Battleground series, for example, was inducted in its entirety into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said, “For wargamers, this is a legendary games line and many of us are still playing these titles. We are very excited to be able to publish these titles and are certain that wargamers around the world will be delighted at this news.”

Matrix Games plans to release further information in the near future on updates and publishing plans and schedules for these titles.

In my humble opinion, this is fantastic news. Talonsoft is one of the casualties of great turn-based computer wargame manufacturers from the 90s and early 00s. I absolutely loved the Battleground series which would run on the old piece of crap laptop I used to travel with in the mid-90s... I have been in tons of hotel rooms, playing the ACW battleground series (so much I wore out my old CDs). I'm hacked they don't run on XP any more.

Likewise, I think the old "front series was great (East Front, West Front, Rising Sun, Divided Ground). There's no reason these shouldn't still be in production.

I'm not clear what happened to Talonsoft... they had huge promise and then they just imploded in the early 00s, and started producing real time post-apocolyptc games. I suspect they got Borged by some greedhead bigger company that "knew best" for Talonsoft. A pity, but at least now they are with a great compuer wargame company that values turn-based wargaming, like I do.