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Pulp Captions Round 19 Results

Mister Nizz

Pulp cap 19 Concluded




David Fox - "Put aside your cuirasses made from mithril mined from the deepest caverns and thrice forged into nigh-impenetrability, your helms of strange alien metal from the fallen meteor that have withstood scratch and tarnish through centuries of battle and duel of honor, and your blades of the strongest steel sharpened to so fine an edge that even gnats flee in terror," cried Biff the Interplanetary Guardian, "for I have a string on a stick !"

Paul Wegner - "McGyver saves the day again with nothing more than a metal clothes hanger, a stick, some brylcream and a fabulous shirt by Zwihar, the clothier to the stars of Planet Sorta-greek looking guys."

Dave Townsend - "Staging Jurassic Park in Roman times was difficult, because there was no place for the puppeteers to hide."

Charles Vasey - "I thought you said Wizard!"

Mike Reed - "We find our hero, a young and flaxen-maned Bill C. flanked by his two able-bodied man-servants, as he brazenly takes on the fearsome GEICO lizard, armed only with a coat hanger and a stick..."

Karen Spurny - "Tune in on Thursday nights for the most thrilling programme you've ever seen: Crocodile Hunter- The Interplanetary Edition."

Jason Schmidt - "The ferocious lizard-beasts of Omicron VI were notoriously difficult to catch unless the hunter knew their one weakness; an uncontrollable attraction to anything in a skirt."

"Shit like this never seemed to make it into Julius Caesar's writings."**** THIRD PLACE ****

"Blades vs. Beast in Rough Going nets you a +1 on your roll." (At least I know Walt will get that one if nobody else.)

Peter Card - "I'll lassoo the Rrsslykr while he's distracted by the sight of your bare behind", gritted Gordon. In that instant, a legend was born. **** FIRST PLACE ****

Peter Bartlett - Marlon Perkins: "This dragon is one of the most dangerous animals in the world. So I'm sending Jim in to put the first rope on."

DirkHeinz - 1) Ole'

2) "...first I get him to jump through this thin hoola hoop"

3) Bill suddenly remembered that the garrot only worked when he was behind his intended target

4) Now he could show the leash law romans who the real beast master was.

Dennis Largesse - "It can be SO tiresome," thought Jeeves, "when
Master Bertie tries to be creative."

"Well, Mr. Poe, who gets the final laugh?" asked Mr. Lovecraft.**** SECOND PLACE ****

"Jeeves always regretted whenever Master Bertie spent time at the Drones Club."

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