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Pulp Captions Round 18 Results

Mister Nizz


A very steamy cover from ADVENTURE magazine, December 1961 issue generates some of the best PulpCap this editor has seen yet.

The Entries:

Dave Fox - "And the verdict was: Death by Snoo Snoo !"

"In some cultures, lacking a gall bladder is considered a sign of great virility."

Charles Vasey - "Looks like Dave picked the wrong pussies, chuckled the captain."

Pat Osika - The missing Gilligan's Island episode.

Paul Wegner - "Hmm. Getting torn apart by panthers or living with one hundred wives. Can I have a minute to decide?" **** FIRST PLACE!! ****

Jason Schmidt - "Welcome to the real Fantasy Island!"

"For obvious reasons cameras aren't allowed in every part of the Playboy mansion's Grotto."

"In a shocking twist the MILF Hunter suddenly found the tables turned! The hunter was now the hunted."

Peter Stein - "So what is the truth about oversexed women?"

(also Stein) The Yank who Became an Island God

Not another article turning Derek Jeter into a Superman!

T. Johnston - "Hey Mr. Nizz, didn't I tell ya Axe body wash gets ya more women than panther piss."

Robin Grillet - "Even as he was dragged off to his doom, all Biff could do was wonder what had happened to the amazons' nipples."

Dave Townsend - "Punishments on Amazon Isle included sacrifice to their heathen gods, being torn to shreds by wild animals, and the dread titty twister." **** THIRD PLACE!! ****

Kasey Curtiss - "Morrie & Tom discovered the tropical island natives weren't so friendly to tourists after the cruise ship left port."

Gary Christiansen - "Yet another case of feminists being tortured mercilessly by oppressive patriach archtypes."

Karen Spurny - "Jim knew that the dastardly Strategically Placed Necklaces (pat pend.) seller deserved his horrible death." **** SECOND PLACE!! ****

Peter Card - "Jason's nipple ring proved to be his undoing."

James Spurny - "Although reluctant at first, the Captain decided Mormonism wasn't such a bad choice after all. Such are the perils found sailing on the Great Salt Lake."

Mike Reed - "Dear Penthouse Forum....you ain't gonna believe this, but..."

"Gary and Lawrence offended the ladies of Consimworld one too many times..."

Next Week's Caption:

From Thrilling Wonder Stories, August 1941