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Take in! Used! I'll never trust again!

Mister Nizz

And I never got to see "Spider Pig Young"

I was among the 110,000 people that joined Oli Young's Facebook "If I get 100,000 people to join my Facebook group I'll name my kid Spider-pig". It turns out it was all a somewhat poorly constructed ruse.

I admit that I more than half expected this to be utter nonsense, but I have to admit in my heart of hearts how funny it might have been had he had not been lying.

One imagines a shambling wreck of a middle aged man in therapy, somewhere in the year 2060 or so, exclaiming to his robo-shrink or whatnot about his alienation and abandonment issues, due to early ostracizing on account of his outrageous monniker.

Oh well. I am grinning at the audacity of it all.

This group, and all you wonderful people, was the result of a practical joke at about 9am on a normal monday morning in sunny Adelaide, Australia. I am web developer with a web company (Good Dog Design), and as usual we were kicking around the idea of how to leverage Facebook for our clients. I had just seen the "If 100,000 people join I'll name my kid Spider-man" group, so we figured it would be fun to see what could happen with a similar, yet more ridiculous group. You know the rest. Yes. This is a parody.

At first, it was just us, then our friends, and then the world. It was interesting to see the viral growth rate before and after the minor media attention, and it was an interesting investigation into the growth and expansion of internet memes. I however am no Numa Numa or Chocolate Rain.

This was never more than a couple of bored geeks kicking around an idea. We hope you had fun, and a laugh, we really didn't mean to offend anyone and we hope you aren't too disappointed in the truth.