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Dune Boardgame may resurface with your help

Mister Nizz

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Help a Bruthah Out

Frank Herbert's DUNE board game was designed by the old Eon designed team that brought us Cosmic Encounter and all its expansions: Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, and Peter Olotka. The Avalon Hill "Ameritrash" edition was published in 1979 and has been a perennial favorite ever since. There was a reprint by Descartes Editions, a French publisher, some time in the 90s. I own both, and have always liked this game immensely.

Recently, Fantasy Flight Games has requested permission from the Herbert Estate to reprint the 1979 game. I have bought some of the FFG reprints (Colossal Arena, Arkham Horror, Fury of Dracula, and Brittania, to be specific), and I have a high opinion of the quality and level of effort that FFG puts into their reprints. I think they will do justice to a quality design.

Unfortunately, The Herbert Estate has given FFG a resounding thumbs down when FFG applied for the rights. Recently a group of individuals have started an Internet petition to send to the Herbert estate to get them reconsider. I have signed it. If you are interested in having the game see the light of day again, please consider signing it yourself.