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The Birthday that Man was not Meant to Know!

Mister Nizz


Happy Birthday, HPL!

It's Lovecraft's birthday today. To be dreadfully honest, HPL was not the worlds' most gifted writer. His prose was turgid at times and prolix in a fashion that surprised even other hack writers who were being paid a penny a word. Probably made 'em all green with envy, too.

With that said, there's something about HPL. The man conveyed dread.. absolute, chin-quavering, what the hell is behind that crypt door DREAD. He was a master at describing emotions. And his ideas.. the sheer scope of them!.. I know of few writers in horror (and the borders of SF) that could occupy that space in their minds.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birth-day to yewwwww
Your'e squamous and eldritch,
and tentacl-y tooo!

Happy Birthday, you great loony from Providence. Thanks for what you gave us.