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I hear back from State Senator Ken Cuccinelli on Abuser Fees

In Which I hear back from another representative

This time from the offices of State Senator Ken Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli is pretty right wing (far more so than I am), but honest, hard working and a fiscal conservative. He recognizes the state needs infrasture improvement but it should NOT be funded through fining people. I liked his response better than Marsden's.

Dear Mr. Nizz *

Thank you for contacting Senator Cuccinelli about the remedial fees (Albo / Rust provision) in the transportation bill.

Senator Cuccinelli opposed this measure ever since it was first proposed for two reasons: one, it usually penalizes those least able to pay, and, two, it turns traffic courts into a revenue raising mechanism for the Department of Transportation. Also, it disproportionately penalizes Virginians, as these fines cannot be collected from out-of-state drivers. The initial proposal would have made these penalties retroactive and imposed these fines on individuals for tickets that were issued over the last several years. Senator Cuccinelli succeeded in getting the Governor to remove the retroactive portion of the bill. However, he was unable to get this provision removed from the bill entirely.

Toward the end of session, these so called "abuser fees" were rolled into a sub-section of the final compromise transportation package. Senator Cuccinelli opposes using fines to raise transportation revenue but he supported the transportation bill as it came out of the General Assembly.
Senator Cuccinelli continues to oppose these exorbitant fines and would be supportive of a quick repeal of this portion of the transportation package. He has submitted an official request for a special session of the General Assembly to revisit this provision. If enough people are outraged and contact their representatives, we just might be able to get enough support to repeal it this year or first thing next year.

Best regards,

Eve Marie Barner
Legislative Aide
Senator Ken Cuccinelli, II
District 37
* Not my real name. Shocker!