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I hear back from Delegate Dave Marsden on the Abuser Fee Law.

In Which I Start to Get a Response from My Letters

Wow, Northern VA politicians are turning on each other faster than a prison snitch in the showers on this issue.

I wrote my delegates a nastygram (one crafted in "loyal Democrat" language, on in "Staunch Republican" cant-- I'm neither one). I got their voting records from the sources mentioned in a previous post.

Here's what Marsden had to say:

Dear Mr. Nizz*

Thank you for your email. I opposed and voted against the stand alone bill that would have instituted abuser fees. However, I felt compelled to support the overall transportation plan, which included these "fees" because of the importance of transportation funding and the desperate need to begin to address this crisis.

I will work to rescind these fees and replace them with something more reasonable and sustainable.

The reason we have these abuser fees is that they are not counted as a tax by those delegates who have signed "no tax pledges". This will not be easy, but is a perfect illustration of the danger of these so-called pledges.

Dave Marsden
It started with doublespeak (hey, it was THEM who done it!) and ends with a surprisingly frank admission about how everyone is playing politics.

I'm still voting against the guy on principle, and I voted for him last time.

Mister Nizz

* (not my real name, shocker!)