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DIPLO: Ministry of Silly Walks, Winter 01 BUILDS

The Arms Race, Winter of 1901

Build A Trieste
Build A Budapest

Build F Edinburgh
Build A London

Build A Paris
Build A Marseilles

Build A Kiel

Build F Naples

Build F St Petersburg(sc)
Build F Sevastopol

Build F Smyrna

Map, afterward:


Paris 1901

A major blight has hit the wine fields of France, as well as its Iberian neighbours. Given the potential economic loss, as well as the blow to French National prestige should vines have to be destroyed and replaced with vines from (shudder) California the President of the Third Republic has commited the entire resources of the French military to assist the afflicted areas.
Troops from the Army have been sent to the wine growing regios of Burgundy, as well as the hills of Portugal. The French fleet has been sent to assist our Spanish Neighbours.

Fortunately, wines from the German and Italian regions are not affected and therefore no military assistance to those regions has been required to date.

The President notes with sadness that the military movements of other powers in this dangerous year have not been motivated by such altruistic motives.