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Pulp Captions Round 2 Results!

Mister Nizz

Super Detective

Over on Consimworld, we're running the weekly PULP CAPTION contest, once a week. Here's the latest results!

Last Week's Contest came from the cover of SUPER DETECTIVE STORIES, in 1945!


Jason Schmidt

"Tom's bionic hand seemed like a fantastic idea until he had to scratch his nipple."

"Sascha, I tried to warn you that sleeping with Vasily Zaytsev's wife was a bad idea!"

"Thrilling Detective Stories presents Killer Cholesterol!"

Mike Reed

Shot in the heart...and you're to blame....you give love, a bad name..."

Bill Ramsay

"Wow, his gun is so much bigger than yours, Lou."

Morris Hadley

Good heavens! Your...your...monthly...flow... [agonized] It burns. It BURNS.

Matt Foster

"You men are all the same. Compensate by using a bigger GUN."

"Dammit, Ronald! That's not what I meant by 'money shot'." ** THIRD PLACE **

Gary Christiansen

"Some men never get the message. I said ONE sadist. Two Guns and one bound woman never works out. Okay, pass me a cigarette."

Dave Fox

"Dammit, dear, would you please learn to duck ? This is the last time I am cleaning blood off that shirt !"

Peter Stein

They don't look like they're in bed.