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Diplomacy "Boxer" game forming

Mister Nizz

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Interested in playing DIPLOMACY?

I have some parties that would like me to run a game of Diplomacy, on this blog, as I have done in the past. I will be using the RealPolitik game adjudication software, and running a variant.

I was thinking of running the Speed Treaty Ports variant, just for a refreshing change of pace. This is the basic Diplomacy game, set in the Far East, around the time of the Boxer Rebellion or perhaps just after. Thus, the game will be called "Boxer". If you are familiar with
Colonial Diplomacy, the setting is very similar, only the countries are different.

The default rule engine will be the year 2000 rule book by Avalon Hill. It can be found here:

See the variant home page here:

Documentation for the variant here (essentially, a version of ColDip set in a slightly later period):

The map (generated by RealPolitik):
Players apply for a position by email or comment. We will select spots from approved applicants randomly. Certain players from, er.. last time we ran a game will welcome, and some will not. Please contact me with your interest. You will need to make some level of commitment (regular turn deadlies) to see this game through, so please, think before you apply.