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Team Wench presents! A Privateer Feast for boobies!

Quest for the Chest 2007

Saturday, Drey and I pointed the minivan towards points North and headed up to Maryland for a "Privateer Feast" benefit in honor of breast cancer research. The group putting on the event, Team Wench, is a wonderful group of (mostly) MD, VA, and PA "Ren Faire" ladies who combine knavery, silliness, flirtation and other activities with a strong sense of philanthropism. I only know one or two "wenches" reasonably well-- but I'm impressed with their efforts, having seen them in action this weekend!

The Privateer Feast is obviously themed around pirates and privateers (DUH!), and every year the title of the ball is a pun on breasts-- in years past it was "Save the boobies!" and "Four the Boobies!" and this year "Quest for the Chest!".. now that's a cause I can get behind.

Feast Goers

We stopped off at Steve and Lynda's place to join the happy throng garbing up for the event, where Drey opened up an almost 15 year's closed wound in my earlobe and Repierced my ear to give me a piratical look-- without the benefit of ice or whiskey, which played a big factor in the decision last time. I had various bits of loaner pirate clothes on, including a green tunicky thing that looked suitably dashing. Or so I have been told. Drey was wearing her wench gear-- big patchwork skirt, fishnet stockings (rrrrrrrr) and one of those bodice thingies that pushes boobies up into a tableux that defies physics, gravity and common sense. A nice effect.

I had a great time at the feast-- it was sold out, pretty crowded with a bunch of people I didn't know from Adam but were willing to yack away regardless.. the entertainment was fantastic... in particular I liked the War of 1812 Sea Chanty singers and the Pyrates Royale.

My camera was dead, but many, many other people took piccies, and I won't waste their bandwidth by posting image links to them here. Instead, here are the direct links:

Save the Boobies 2007 Album A

Scaleslea's Pirate Feast 2007 Album

Save the Boobies 2007 Album B

The Jury Rig Album

I had a wonderful time.. we were going to spend the night up in Northern MD but the impending ice storm and a sick little girl sent us home again that night. We partied, we donated outrageous sums to a worthy cause. What's not to like? The next big event is the MS FANTASY BALL, June 2, 2007 http://www.teamwench.org/msfb/. For information on the International Fellowship of Royal Privateers (The Guild of St Errol), see: http://www.ifrp.org/