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BPD 3: Clio turn 6 Categories

Mister Nizz

R is for Roses


Round 6 continues the more obscure conflicts in this BPD Series. This is the WAR OF THE ROSES round. CORRECT answers shall be bounded by the time period called the WAR OF THE ROSES, a small series of civil wars fought in England between two septs of the Plantagenet family, York and Lancaster during the years 1455-1485. This round has some special rules. MANY of the leading personages of the period had the same or similar names. Do NOT just answer with a first name and think this is sufficient.. give the Name AND Number (aka John IV) also any last name or descriptor (John IV "Lackland").

The Magick Letter is R.

Standard Rules: If naming a person, the magic letter can stand for a first, commonly known middle name, or last name. If naming a place, it should be the first letter of any word in the place title. If naming a thing, the magick letter should be prominent and recognizable.. It's not rocket science. In all cases, articles or common words (the, if, and, but) will not count as Magick Letters.


Category 1: A Lancastrian Leader, Male or Female

Category 2: A Yorkist Leader, Male or Female

Category 3: A Presumptive Heir to the Throne of England, either side

Category 4: A Yorkist Victory

Category 5: A Lancastrian Victory

Category 6: A Siege

Good luck, History Droogs!