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Another Postcard Game

True Micro Design Art

I like postcard wargames. So much, in fact, I made one, available right here on this blog if you want it. I may make another.

Turns out the idea is catching on with people.. Last Stand on Mortain was a freebie offered up by the Against the Odds people. I've seen "Postcards from the Revolution" on Boardgamegeek. Now I hear there is another... MALAYA: V-MAIL POSTCARD GAME NUMBER ONE. It doesn't get any more "micro" than a game that you can mail to someone, with the rules on back and the counters too.

Product Blurb:
The Japanese invasion of Malaya was one of the most perfectly executed military plans in history. Can you, as the British commander, slow the Japanese advance sufficiently to disrupt the timetable for the capture of the East Indies? Or will the Japanese succeed in capturing Singapore in time to establish the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?

This 5x8 inch postcard game includes 18 counters, complete rules which include the asymmetrical abilities of the Japanese and UK forces,and a 5x5 1/2 inch board.

MALAYA can be found on WARGAME DOWNLOADS.com, for free. Do the hobby a favor and mail it to some friends.