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Dread RPG uses an interesting decision making mechanic

Mister Nizz

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A fascinating game mechanic

I had heard.. somewhere.. perhaps on Yog Radio, about a new indie-press roleplaying game called DREAD that features a solitary mechanic for resolving difficulties. You play Jenga. That's right, the block stacking game. Apparently (and I don't know for certain, I don't have the game), you assign a task a difficulty level and rate it by number of blocks. If you pull the blocks and the tower stays up, you pass the test. It seems cumbersome for something like combat, but it does sound as if it would create an almost palpable sense of . dread.

Finally! Something to DO with those old Jenga sets. I might incorporate something like it for non-combat actions, just for fun. Remember my spinning tops in the Sergeant Slaughter in Bun-Bun Land game? This sounds very similar to me!