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BPD Game 2 "Wuerthy" Round 10 and FINAL SCORE

Mister Nizz


BPD "Wuerthy" draws to a close...

Congrats to Mike Reed who scored consistently well, and my own beloved, who points out that sleeping with the judge gave her NO advantage except that warm and loving feeling, and to J.R. in third place who had a really good last four rounds.

Rich Low did pretty good for a guy who jumped in after a scoreless round 1..

Sorry, Jason, I wanted to end it and get on to NanoFict. I couldn't wait forever.

Part 1 categories


The Oprah round was an anomaly... it was a great topic because of all the possible choices and ready availability of information on the books. I just haven't read a lot of chick-lit except for THE LOVELY BONES and THE RED TENT.

(You can blame Audrey for the Oprah and Doctor Seuss rounds, btw).

As for the rest, I've read at least one or two titles in every round, and some of them (like Burroughs, Seuss, Lovecraft and Vonegutt) featured authors that I've read extensively. The other choices were inspired by the common experience with Freshman Lit that I suspect we all share. Well, maybe except for Klaus.

Since this blog now features subject tags for sorting of posts, it's relatively easy to see the entire progression of the game, thusly:


Thanks for playing, everyone, that was the best game of BPD yet. Hope I didn't get too obnoxious.

I'll run another in about two weeks. We are almost at the point where we can judge some stories in NanoFict and I would like to get that going.

Congratulations to Mike Reed, our Wuerthy Winner!