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By Popular Demand! Game 2 round 4 Categories

Mister Nizz


It's the Vonnegut Round

This week's categories focus on famed American Author KURT VONNEGUT. This is round 4 of a 10 round game.

Secret letter is C

Ground rules: Real People can be first or last names. Ditto for characters. If you with to cite a TITLE of a published work, ANY word in the title (Other than an article) counts!

Starting Locations for research:


Category 1: Name of a Vonnegut Best Seller, any list
Category 2: Name of a Male Main Character
Category 3: Name of a Female Main Character
Category 4: Name of a Redeemed Character
Category 5: Name of a character that is a victim of violence.
Category 6: Name of a Vonegut Reviewer in popular press..