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Brains On Film returns! ... er, sort of

Brother George!

At least it looks like him.

Way back in the day one of my favorite Public Access shows on earth issued forth from Lexington Kentucky. It was called Brains on Film, and it was great while it lasted. My own (failed) public access show, NICK RENO'S NEIGHBORHOOD, shamelessly tried to emulate their format. The Brains (Professor Tread, Brother George, and Jumpin' Joe) tried to get into the internet "thing" a while back and for a while, the BoF bulletin board was really jumping... sadly, Tread's schedule consigned it to oblivion from neglect.

So imagine my surprise and pleasure to see the Brains are back (sort of) and this time in front of a camera again. Brother George (I think... he's almost unrecognizable) is now doing reviews fro HyperReview.com, a "Brains on Film Production".


Reviews are short, irreverant, and very, very funny. I absolutely recommend this. Or should I say.. "if you like this sort of thing, you'll love this sort of thing.."

Meaning, reviews of horror and exploitation flicks.
We'll, you'll get it once you see it.