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Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 Ep. 2 "Occupation"

Mister Nizz



Okay, it's been a week, so I don't feel guilty about revealing anything.

Episode 2 was far more sentimental that I expected it would be. The crews of the Pegasus and Galactica are each moving off on separate assignments-- Lee is taking the remnant of the humans left (about 12000 people) and leaving for a rendevous spot, presumably to pick up the trek for Earth at some point. Adama is staging a rescue mission for the rest of the human population left behind on New Caprica.

Think on that a minute.

The Galactica is going to rescue the entire human colony, from a planet with a very small amount of arable land mass (providing very little in the way of "safe places to run to") and take them off while they are guarded by 3 base stars.

It's going to be an interesting plan. The Cylons are not quite what they once were, militarily. Still, one base star can take on one Galactica, so how will they deal with three?

Simply put, a bigass massive diversion, and the previews certainly indicate that. My prediction for this evening: Lee will disobey orders and bring the Pegasus into battle, and it might, just might, be curtains for the Pegasus. I hope not!!

The humans, of courss, will be pulled off of New Caprica, or there's not much of a Season Three, is there? Points to ponder: What will the Cylon reaction be once the humans head off? Will they chase and go back to combat operations, or was the "Cylon Perestroika" just a phase they went through? And what will happen to Baltar? How can he be in the show any more? He certainly can't leave with the fleet if he expects to live.

Recapping last week, I am very glad they played with the P.O.V. so much and made a rescue look like an ambush. I also glad they kept Laura around-- she's the heart of the show. They handled the guerilla strike/military ambush element very well by a series of jump cuts and shared points of view. Very nifty-- it's a technique that really draws one into a show.

The Diana/Cylon character is showing more depth and no longer looks simply malevolent. I loved the little conversation she has with Doc at one point, and the fact that they share ciggies and talk calmly about how Cylons dream. (Speaking of which, nice cameo by Amanda Plummer as another "Oracle" type. The implication is that she is *human* but Dianna certainly takes her predictions seriously. Interesting setup for a plot thread).

I'm not crazy about the baby coming back as a major plot thread-- it's a weak straw to hold onto. Oh well, at least it will give Grace Park something to do (and the audience a unique chance to see her give us one more facial emotion other than her standard two: Blank Rage or just Blank).

Did anyone catch Baltar in the "next week's episode" teaser... LAST week? Where he turns to Caprica 6 and says "What are you saying.. that *I* am a Cylon???" What happened to that one?

I won't be listening to the podcast for tonight's episode although it's already up there now. I want this to be a surprise for me, too.