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Back to Familiar Haunts..

Mister Nizz

Here I was again, driving up the accursed highway that had so badly foiled our attempts at Elizabethan Enjoyment last week.

Nooooo! What had I done wrong?

Two things were different: 1) I was driving at a steady (legal) pace with nary a car in sight. 2) This was a command performance, bringing me to an Elizabethan wedding at an unusually early hour, wee bairns in tow. Drey had two friends from the VARF that were tying the knot at the Maryland Faire in high Eliza-tudorian style, with a clergyman of some fashion (dressed in Cardinal's robes to boot) officiating the ceremony, live and onstage. Seemed like a gas.

"Dress" for the event was "dress like a character out of THE PRINCESS BRIDE by William Goldman. I decided to buy the minimal implements for a costume of a ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size). By minimal, I mean exactly that. We stopped in PARTY CITY and I picked up mouse ears (too cutsie) and a big rat nose with buck teeth. I thought i'd get some grey facepaint to "rattify" my appearance.. A gray sweatshirt rounded off my "rat pelt".

When I got there it became evident that I would have looked like a jerk if I wore my 'costume' so I stowed it in Drey's Lady Basket and drank some beer instead

My offers of a strong back and a weak mind were all gratefully accepted by the lady folks, so we rapidly transformed the Dragon' s Kneecap into an impromptou wedding reception site. Tudor, Stuart, Georgian or Elizathen, there's one constant in life; there's a kind of person that enjoys putting these things together with Prussian-like efficiency, and there's a kind of person that just grins and hauls things around at the direction of the first sort of person. I know which group I belong to. Oddly enough the first group is almost always female.

The spread was quite charming and the fare delicious, along the nature of finger foods. I would have been honored to set such a trencher at my owne reception, were it to happen to me.

Here's the happy groom:

And thus, off we went to the ceremony, which was short and very cheerful.

The wedding party, which included such worthies as "Hack n' Slash",(apparently they are big with the locals) assembled on stage for a few last minute comparison of notes. It was obvious that split second timing would be the watchword for the day's festivities.

Most of the wedding party assembles. You can see that I would have looked silly with my mouse ears.

The bride approaches, and she looks splenderiffic.

With our happy company assembled, the wedding ceremony commenced with a loud and stentatorian "TWU WUV...." A parody of The Impressive Clergyman played by Peter Cook in the movie THE PRINCESS BRIDE. And the rest of the ceremony, to our great amusement, was delivered sounding like Elmer Fudd. Funny stuff!!

The Happy Bride and Groom greet the assembled crowd, to much adulation.

The King showed up when he heard the signal that the buffet line was open.

The kids had a wonderful time at the ceremony and at the reception. Garrett acted up so I had to take somewhat draconion measures to keep his yap shut..

The rest of the day was quite pleasant. A local school (local to Annapolis, that is, as in the Key School) has a wonderful Morris Dancing team. I love Morris Dancing, and the crowd of kids they had show up to dance were at least enthusiastic, which is 90# of anything.

There was the occassional nasty crack from the locals about people getting all dressed up like a bunch of sissies, but a gentleman ignores these things.

Annie took off with her pal, Autumn (yes, her real name) leaving Garrett and I to fend for ourselves. Garrett wanted to run all over the place willy nilly but I told hime to have a Hart and slow down for his pour weary pater.

We had a great time walking around, Drenching wenches...

Tossing axes while wearing silly hats...

And then, HUZZZZZZZZAH!!! Sam Adams showed up to host a beer tasting. Free Beer from 2 to 4! Thassh what I lak!

The stilt ladies had some... wheew! Watch out, she's weaving! Pretty funny, watching mimes chug-a-lugging, isn't it?

After this many beers, I figured out the methodology of maximum free beer intake. Order two freebies, walk to the end of the line, and drink them while your'e busy making up your mind what to order next time. Have some nice conversation with your fellow sots.

Looking a little wobbly there, sweetheart!

And I don't hesitate to mention...

Even with this many beers:

That person in black and gold STILL looks like a dude.

In fact, he/she was a dude.

Part of the Ren Faire's funnest game..



(Divine in Medieval drag)


Just another goofy smiling guy with a long wig on.

Drey, Gar and I caught the Scottish Rogues, a very good bagpipe and percussion group, towards the end of the day. If it had been a Saturday, we would have stayed for Pub Sing... however it was a school night and we had to git going.. Farewell, Ren Faire, AGAIN!

And Farewell to all the people... lots and lots and lots of people...

That's when we hit the @#$!@% Redskins traffic on the way home. Swell. TWO HOURS TO GET HOME!!!!

You just can't win.