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Firefight Games may be in trouble...

Mister Nizz

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Sometimes Bad Publicity is just Bad

Apparently RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE has received some attention from outside the hobby, and it's not very positive...


The article does not name Firefight Games or RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE specifically, but does quote specific passages from the games promotional material, and not in a positive tone.

Selected online quotes attached to the article in the forum section:

No words to respond with

I can't find words strong enough to condemn sale of this "game". It is a defamation of all that is good and holy. To all humanity, the living. The victims of NAZI murder cry out for memory. To demand suppression should be unnecessary, but it must be done.

The product must be condemned and its producers must be prosecuted.

Jay, Israel

Outlaw and Bannish the offenders

Must keep a tab on those who spread hatred and ignorance in our society. The inventors of such games should be outlawed, banned and fined for instilling violence in the mind of the youth who don’t know any better. Its not a matter of freedom of speech, rather, it’s a matter of spreading violence and teaching our kids on how to hate each other. There should be a strong voice from all religions to voice their concern about such groups who’s objective is only to poison the minds of our youth.

Amir AL-Safir , Lebanon

Nazi Games

America should be totally ashammed (sic) of itself for allowing these hidious Nazi games to be sold on the websites. It makes one wonder, how the US would feel if there were Pearl Harbor games or 9/11 game depicting Americans being wiped out. As an American, I woud be appalled. Has the marketplace sold out to such a low point of stupidity?? If these ridiculous games continue to be sold, one can olny assume the answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!

Miriam Jakubowitz , USA

Disclaimer: the quotes cited above are from YNET.COM, an Israeli news website. They do not represent the opinions of this blog's author.

Judging from these comments, I'd say we are in for another round of "all wargames about World War Two are inherently evil" backlash. But I could be wrong, there's always hope.

RINF was also cited on this blog here: JEWS BECOME FAIR GAME, but it seemed evident that the writer was just restating the position on YNET.COM without reading into the issue any further. That YNET article comes off as pretty irresponsible to me.

Another site, "Free Republic" had a series of responses that sickened me and had me almost feeling sorry for the folks who tried to publish this thing. I don't know the people at Firefight personally, but I know I wouldn't wish to be associated with folks who make "Death to Muzzies" and "diaperheads" part of their day to day argot.